Home Health Plus Services, Inc. provides high quality, professional home health, personal care, and homemaker services to people in their own residence. In addition to providing these services for seniors, we also work with a variety of clients who need home care assistance such as those recovering from illness or injury. For many people, receiving professional care and companionship in the warm, familiar setting of their own home is more therapeutic and economic than care offered in an institutional setting. We offer free initial assessments and can coordinate with your personal physician to establish the appropriate, personalized care you need. Call us today at (309) 353-7317 to arrange compassionate, quality care for you or your loved one.

Benefits of Home Care

  • Physicians find many patients recover sooner and more comfortably in the familiar surroundings of their home so we coordinate with hospitals and nursing homes to help people return home as quickly as possible and resume their normal activities.

  • Families tend to stay more involved in their loved one's care and patients feel more independent at home.

  • Home care gives patients the opportunity to be reunited with family and friends in familiar surroundings and still receive the care they need.

  • Our long-term hourly care provides necessary personal care and supervision to minimize the need for institutional care and allow our clients to remain in the comfort of their own home.

"My 24 hour caregivers provide outstanding personal care with kind words and thoughtful actions. Their compassion brings sunshine and hope each day. They inspire me to do as much for myself as I can with their bright outlook and unending patience."

- Mrs. R., Washington

"My wound healed twice as quickly as anticipated and I was back to work thanks to the wound care provided by Home Health Plus Services, Inc."

- Mr. B., Delavan

"Home Health Plus Services, Inc. has friendly, professional staff that recognize the needs of the patients they are caring for and communicate this to the staff and families."

- T. Osborne, Nurse Manager,
Lutheran Hillside Village Assisted Living

Home Health Plus Services, Inc. provides care to all patients regardless of race, creed, color, religion, gender, national origin, sexual preference, disability, or age. We bill individuals, worker's compensation, and private insurance.